Welcome to Treklink Business ®

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A New Engagement & Revenue Source

GuestForce ® brings you a completely new way to engage with your guests. Through our program you’ll be able to offer them our online experiential platform, TrekLink ®. You’ll then have access to them, and other members, inside the TrekLink ® Portal. Here you can help them discover new experiences by serving up local activities, places, and even products – all designed to meet their specific interests. The end result is a much more fulfilling guest experience. And you’ll be able to remain in front of them, within the portal, even after they’ve stepped out the door.

GuestForce ® does more than just engage. It also provides a new stream of revenue for your business. Every time someone purchases a product or service that you’ve served up within the platform your business will receive a commission. Our proprietary search method uses Experiential Intelligence ® to determine the types of recommendations to make. Recommendations are based on criteria that guests provide within their profile. This way you’ll be serving up opportunities that fit their specific interests, encouraging a higher likelihood that they’ll take action.